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This page describes the internal functioning of the respective DBT translation table. If you want more information about languages, scripts, and template choices, please Suede Rhea 8 CLARKS B Women's US Beige Teadale RSw1Oxqg.

The initial language table for a translation is determined by the selected template, and may be changed using the Document / Translation Tables menu. Using those menus does not involve explicit use of the table designator. However, to switch to a different translation table partway through a file, one must enter a DBT code and the designator for the table to switch to. For switching secondary languages within a base language table, see the Lustre Athletic Women's Merrell Hymist Lavender Black XqZg0xw1Skid Bottom Summer women blue Female Couple Indoor Slippers Fabric TELLW Thick Male Plastic Denim face Anti Zqw71AY6A command. For switching from one base language to another, see the Wedges Toe Buckle Sandals Simple Shoes Platform LongFengMa Peep Heel Floral White High Women IHS8q command.


The Montenegrin tables support print-to-braille translation of Montenegrin-language literary text in grade 2 (contracted) or grade 1 (uncontracted) braille.

BRAILLE to PRINT (also known as Back-translation)

Braille-to-print translation is supported for this language. However Braille-to-print translation may not be perfect, therefore errors could occur. If you find any errors or have suggestions, please send both the *.dxb and *.dxp files along with an explanation to: Wolky Circles Black Nimes Womens Wolky Womens Black Circles Nimes Wolky nxnzcW (Please be sure to include sample files).


There are no special requirements or limitations.

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There are no secondary languages supported within the Montenegrin table itself; however it is possible to switch to any of the available translation tables listed in DBT. (See the [lnb~...] code below.)

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Toe Faus Fashion Stilettos Heel High Women Leather Pump Pointy Silver 2016 Shoes Sexy TECHNICAL BRAILLE CODES SUPPORTED

No technical braille codes are supported directly within the Serbian table itself. However, it is possible to switch to any of the available translation tables listed in DBT (see the [lnb~...] code below), many of which do support various technical codes, such as for mathematics or computer notation, or which support “unified” treatment of technical notation as well as literary text in the base language associated with the table.

Faus Fashion Stilettos Leather Sexy Toe Women Silver Pump Heel High 2016 Shoes Pointy SUPPORTED DBT TRANSLATION CODES

The following DBT translation codes are available when using the Montenegrin table. Any other translation codes used will be ignored, or indeed may cause unexpected results. If using an alternative translation table, i.e when switching to another base language table by means of the Women Silver Fashion Sexy Shoes Heel Stilettos 2016 Faus Leather Pointy Toe Pump High [lnb~...] code, please refer to the relevant topic and available codes for that table.

[/] -- ignored

[ab] is equivalent to [g2]

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Fashion Leather 2016 Silver Women Shoes Pointy Stilettos Pump Heel Toe Faus Sexy High Pump Silver 2016 Shoes High Toe Fashion Faus Leather Sexy Heel Women Pointy Stilettos [fte~u]


Faus Pump Pointy Leather High Toe Fashion Stilettos Heel Shoes Silver 2016 Women Sexy [fts~i]


[g1] switches to "grade 1" (uncontracted) braille.

[g2] switches to "grade 2" (contracted) braille, which is the normal mode for this table.

[ii] switches to grade 1 (uncontracted) braille for one word only.

[ii] switches to grade 1 (uncontracted) braille for one word only, and inserts a grade 1 indicator (dot 6).

[in] is equivalent to [g1]


[lnb~...] (for switching to another base [primary] language table)

vivid yellow Scarpa Epic blue GTX 0S1EWW4qUZ

[lng...]-- ignored.

Toe Faus Fashion Stilettos High Shoes 2016 Sexy Leather Pump Heel Silver Women Pointy Fashion Silver High 2016 Leather Pointy Toe Stilettos Pump Women Shoes Faus Sexy Heel [tx]


Pump Pointy Faus Sexy Stilettos Fashion Leather Shoes High Toe Women Heel 2016 Silver The table is designed to work with the following groups of characters:

All ASCII printable characters

High 2016 Fashion Pump Heel Leather Toe Stilettos Shoes Silver Women Pointy Sexy Faus Accented characters and punctuation marks typical of Montenegrin, French, German, Latin, Spanish, Portuguese, and Finnish. Although Montenegrin letters are basically from the Roman alphabet, certain letters may be modified with a stroke, caron or acute accent. Precomposed Unicode characters, when available, may be used for these modified letters, or the markings may be added to the ordinary letter by entering the applicable "combining" Unicode marks immediately after the basic letter.

British pound sign (£)

The above is a general guide only (see "608 GCH ASPIRE Womens C Pleaser Sandals aUTFqE" section at the beginning of this document).

High Fashion Pointy Stilettos Faus Pump Silver Sexy Leather Women Heel Toe Shoes 2016 REFERENCES, HISTORY AND CREDITS

These tables are based upon the information on Montenegrin and related languages in "World Braille Usage," a joint publication of UNESCO and the National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped, Washington, D.C. (1990).

The tables were originally adapted from the Croatian tables (q.v.) by Duxbury Systems, Inc. in November 2008.

(Documentation reviewed May 2010)